About FOCUS Champions
A resouce mobilization platform

Out of the estimated 7000 – 10,000 young Christian graduates who are graduating every year from the Christian Unions, only a handful are supporting FOCUS financially. FOCUS Champions has therefore been developed to mobilize these Associates, Students and Partners to support FOCUS in an easy and convenient way.

How it Works

  • Registration - supporters (champions) sign up on the platform, with very basic details. Mainly name, CU/University, gender, contacts.
  • Commitment - This is the second stage on registration, a supporter now makes a commitment, chooses one of the options: one-off, monthly, bi-annually and annually, and specifies the amount the the start and end dates.
  • Periodic Contributions - this is the actual contribution, mainly honoring the commitment made. The system automatically send gentle reminders to the supporters concerning their commitment around the due dates.
  • Inviting Friends (network effect) - For the growth of the platform, there’s a mechanism where already opted-in supporters can be able to invite their friends/colleagues to join the platform as supporters (champions).
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